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With Central Tube and Bar, you get unmatched service from concept to completion. Our team provides fast quote responses, quick deliveries, and the highest quality parts, all while helping you lower your manufacturing costs.

Industries We Serve

Whether you’re local or global, you can find our work supporting the world’s leading industries, including:

Industrial Machines & Equipment

Discover our capabilities for laser-processed components with the highest standard of quality.


Learn how we can transform your supply chain and manufacturing process.

Commercial Furniture

Find out how we can solve problems related to sourcing, lead times, and overhead costs.

Retail Fixtures

Explore the ways we can help improve your business and shorten lead times.

An Experienced & Trusted Supplier

For over two decades, CTB has helped companies simplify their assemblies and shorten their supply chain by offering superior customer service and reducing overall rejection rates.

Partner With the Industry Leaders

When you partner with us, you partner with industry leaders who ensure quality parts on time, every time.  

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