March 19, 2018


Emma Bird

"our parts get to the OEM in days, not weeks, with no international shipping hurdles to deal with."

Like a lot of OEM manufacturers, you’ve probably considered outsourcing as an option to provide the manufactured goods your market demands at a price point that will enable you to stay competitive. It’s likely that you’ve had to make some hard decisions and some difficult compromises, and offshoring a portion of your manufacturing may seem like an ideal way to get things running smoothly again.

Unfortunately, a combination of factors makes offshoring more of a trade-off than a compromise. Even worse, after performing a careful cost-benefit analysis of potential offshoring agreements you’ll likely learn a little known, but troubling, facet of offshoring: much of the cost benefit is offset by wasted materials, time, and communication.

When OEMs went to outsourcing as a way of keeping their costs down, many of them quickly learned that offshoring inefficiencies can drive those costs up well beyond the initial per piece cost offering.

That’s why Central Tube and Bar entered the marketplace to benefit OEMs and service centers. Because our custom tube products are manufactured in the center of the eight state region we service, our parts get to the OEM in days, not weeks, with no international shipping hurdles to deal with.

Even better, our CNC laser cutting and CNC bending machines accomplish in one step what used to take multiple steps to complete, slashing our production times. We’re committed to precision and accuracy with every order; every part that we manufacture will be exactly like the part before and the part after. 

Offshore manufacturing scrap rates that can hit as high as 20 percent make those cheap parts more expensive, and that’s just one way we outperform offshore vendors. Here are three great reasons to bring your small parts manufacturing back home:


Zero defect quality isn’t an idle boast. It’s what our clients demand and what we deliver with every order. The return on that investment is the ability to precision manufacture the same volume of small parts in a day that used to require a week or more. We can do it with zero defect quality.

Rapid Response

If you need 10,000 bent tube steering assemblies precision cut for immediate fit next Monday, you’re out of luck if your vendor is 5,000 miles away. If a load of parts arrive that don’t quite fit, your only choice is to make them fit, no matter how long it takes. 

With CTB as your vendor, your parts will be off our truck and on your floor when your assembler needs them, and every single one will fit as intended. And in the rare instance a problem ever does arise, we don’t offer excuses. We fix it.

Value Design

Because we’re close to our clients, we’re able to know our clients and their products. If we can incorporate design improvements to lower your cost, make your parts perform better, or make them faster and easier to install, we’ll let you know. 

Because CTB is a practitioner of lean manufacturing principles, we’re highly experienced in working with OEMs that require Just-In-Time delivery. You won’t pay extra either, what’s good for our clients is good for us.

CTB may not always be able to beat the per-part pricing of offshore manufacturers, but when you look at the bottom line, the benefit of using CTB as your small parts manufacturer is clear. 

You won’t have the additional costs of scrap, your assembly lines won’t sit idle waiting for parts delayed in transit, and you won’t waste time waiting to get a manufacturer halfway around the world to address a shipment of parts that don’t fit. 

With CTB as your manufacturing partner, you’ll get parts that work, parts that fit, and parts that are there when you need them, all at value prices. Most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction on all orders.

Most importantly, our commitment to total customer satisfaction is unrivaled in our industry, and every member of our team has the authority to do whatever it takes to ensure that your first order with us is just the beginning of a long and mutually profitable partnership

Call us today at 501-450-7750 or contact us online. Your bottom line will thank you.

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