Here is Why Keeping Your Outsourcing Close to Home Makes Sense


When you need precision stainless steel tube parts processing, finding the right supplier can be challenging; after all, you probably don’t have a CNC machine shop on every corner offering tube laser cutting, value design, and multi radius bending services! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice when it comes to tube cutting, pipe bending or CNC services! When you shop around, you’ll probably discover that there are many overseas companies submitting bids substantially lower than their American counterparts. But the reality is that there’s never a free lunch, and you should always wonder what corners that they’re cutting to offer that low bid.

At Central Tube and Bar, we can’t always guarantee the lowest bid, but we can guarantee zero-defect precision on all orders, and an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee on every part that we ship. We know that our clients are working with some of the narrowest profit margins in the industry, and it’s our mission to make sure that they all get maximum value for every order. Here are just a few advantages of partnering with CTB as your supplier for premium tube and bar products:

Quicker Turnaround Times-We work with many OEMs and service centers that run Just-In-Time (JIT) operations. Their success is based on having all the parts and materials that they need delivered at the beginning of each production run, and shipped right away. It’s common sense to say that a product manufactured in Conway, AR; Waco, TX; or Tulsa, OK can be shipped more quickly than something manufactured in China.

Improved Communication-One reality in American businesses is that companies are continuing to ship jobs overseas to take advantage of lower labor costs. But consumers consistently report higher satisfaction when they can speak to a representative in their own community.

Improved Accountability-Ultimately, we work where we live, and want our clients to hold us to the standards that we set for every order. We live here, we shop here, and we go to church here. It would be hard for us to face our clients if we delivered anything less than our best work, and we take pride in our reputation.

For more information, or to schedule an estimate, contact us online, or at 501-450-7750.