3D Laser Tube Cutting

At Central Tube and Bar, our state of the art tube laser cutting machines and seasoned operators allow us to provide precision cut parts to our customers with better quality and shorter lead times than the competition. Whether you are looking for a solution on high volume or high tolerance applications, we have the right equipment to fulfill either requirement for your laser tube cutting and flat metal cutting needs.

The HighestEfficiencyLowers Costs

Technology and automation are two important factors Central Tube and Bar has focused on throughout our growth, investing in both CO2 and fiber-optic lasers. By reducing waste through increased accuracy and repeatability, we are able to be the low-cost provider and pass on savings to our customers.



Wall Thickness



Video Demonstrations

BLM LT5 Fiber Tube Laser

LT8 Large Tube Laser

LT712 Tube Laser


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