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Supplying Premium Tubing & Bar Products

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Case Studies

Here is Why Keeping Your Outsourcing Close to Home Makes Sense


When you need precision stainless steel tube parts processing, finding the right supplier can be challenging; after all, you probably don’t have a CNC machine shop on every corner offering tube laser cutting, value design, and multi radius bending services! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice when it comes to tube cutting, pipe bending or CNC services! When you shop around, you’ll probably discover that there are many overseas companies submitting bids substantially lower than their American counterparts. But the reality is that there’s never a free lunch, and you should always wonder what corners that they’re cutting to offer that low bid.

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3 Reasons Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back


At Central Tube & Bar, we believe in offering a quality product and quality service at the lowest cost possible. Our prices are competitive with offshore manufacturers, and our clients typically come out way ahead when you compare the differences in scrap losses, delivery timetables, and response time to their concerns.

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With CTB Supplying Your Precision Parts – Quality and Affordability Come Standard


When you’re an OEM or service center ordering tube and bar products, you won’t stay in business long if you accept anything less than perfection on every order. And while you’re at it, you’ll have a hard time growing your business if you cut into your already thin profit margins by paying too much for parts!

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If You Think Off-Shoring Saves You Money-Think Again!


Most OEMs operate with extremely tight margins in highly competitive industries, which can make it tough to grow! Raising prices often means losing loyal customers to your competitors, and your only option is finding ways to reduce your costs.

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