Part Finishing

Part Finishing at Central Tube and Bar

Part finishing to fit any need

At Central Tube and Bar, we can provide full part finishing services to produce ready to go parts. This includes end forming and paint. We focus on offering our customers one partner with whom they can fulfill their part needs, from raw stock to delivered finished goods on the right timeline.


End Forming

Precision end forming, including swaging (OD reduction), chamfering, beveling, flaring, flanging and other bar and tube end types


Brush and Vibratory deburring for a variety of part types, thicknesses, sizes, recessed areas, and other deburring needs

Flow Drilling and Tapping

Thermal drilling and tapping for thread pitches greater than tubular walls and other applications

Turn Key Assemblies

Rigid tapping and synchronous feed tapping for a variety of applications

Powder Coating

Tough powder coating finishes with included prep and masking

Zinc Plating

Zinc coatings for tube and bar for a variety of applications including hydraulic and pneumatics