Our Turn-Key Tube and Bar Solutions Deliver Quality, Precision, AND Affordability!


Some of the biggest reasons Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seek out Central Tube and Bar for repeated orders have to do with our speed, precision, versatility, and commitment to our customers, not to mention the combination of quality products and manufacturing efficiencies that result from our focus on product and manufacturing improvement. Our loyal customers tell us they keep coming back, not because we offer the cheapest products, but because our combination of out-of-the-box fit, component durability, turnaround time, and price add up to maximum affordability.

Our CNC Tube Lasers offer unrivaled productivity in 3D cutting, beveling/chamfering and etching with pinpoint accuracy on a wide variety of tube shapes, sizes and materials. And because CTB has invested in state-of-the-art equipment designed to perform multiple automated functions that used to require multiple machines or more time-consuming manual plasma or laser tube cutter operations, we can quickly and efficiently prepare custom pieces and/or large volume orders in a fraction of the time it takes other manufacturers.

Our high volume OEMs also appreciate that we can duplicate repeat orders with first-run precision easily and quickly by programming in previous job specifications. Through value engineering and rapid prototyping, we can assist with evaluation and streamlining of your product designs for greater efficiency and integrity.

Other services include CNC bending, sawing/shearing, part finishing, and product engineering. And, to help you control your inventory costs, we have a flexible Just-In-Time/Delivery program to augment the efforts of our customers who apply Lean Manufacturing techniques aimed at improving productivity and cutting waste.

CTB believes in adding value to our people, products, and partners. Since we started this business in 1996, we have formed quality partnerships with manufacturers throughout the mid-south, and we would like to partner with you. For questions, or to get a specific job estimate, click here, or give us a call at (501) 450-7750. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.