Our Tube Lasers Offer CTB’s Clients a Rapid Path to Market


OEMs are typically under a lot of pressure to deliver their products on very tight schedules, without sacrificing quality or precision. Every component of the equipment that they ship, including the parts that are manufactured by a third party, has to get the job done, and has to be built to last!

At Central Tube and Bar, we’ve been partnering with OEMs for two decades and counting, and we owe our success to large amounts of repeat and referral business! OEMs keep coming back because they know that we can deliver the tube and bar products that meet their exact specifications, and deliver them exactly when they’re needed!

We first opened our doors in 1996 in Conway, AR, and have since opened additional facilities in Oklahoma and Texas. At each of our facilities, we have multiple CNC Tube Lasers that offer unrivaled precision and productivity. Our state-of-the-art tube lasers are capable of 3D cutting, beveling/chamfering and etching with pinpoint accuracy on a wide variety of tube shapes, sizes and materials. Our lasers are also highly versatile, and capable of reliable and repeatable operations previously only possible with 2 or 3 machines, or manual operations. Whether you’re building a prototype, or ordering parts in bulk, our machinery can make long production runs in record time. And, for the ultimate in convenience, we’re a “one stop shop” that also operates a flat laser table to fabricate sheet metal parts that can join our tube fabrications to produce finished assemblies.

Nearly every product we manufacture also requires cutting, and our equipment includes cold saws and a CNC band saw to provide the cutting and shearing solutions that our clients require. Our mix of precision equipment is flexible, and can saw massive bars, miter small lots of tubes and run large lots of product efficiently in ‘auto-load and saw’ mode.

At Central Tube and Bar, we’ve always enjoyed developing quality relationships with OEMs, and we’re ready to add you to our long list of highly satisfied customers! We take a lot of pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, and every member of our team is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction! For more information, or for a rapid quote, click here to contact us, or give us a call at (501) 450-7750.