3 Reasons Value Design Means the Best Value for You


When people think about manufacturing, they probably imagine huge factories full of huge equipment cranking out huge numbers of products. But the truth is that over time, manufacturing has become very specialized. These days, most companies only manufacture a few parts on their own and outsource the rest, then do final assembly in-house. As long as all of the suppliers deliver the right parts, and deliver them on schedule, this new arrangement is quicker and more cost-effective. It also sounds a lot like collaboration, but is it?

From Design Through Production to Final Delivery – We Ensure Quality at Every Step


When it comes to manufacturing custom tube products and offering precision metal parts processing, there’s simply no substitute for experience. Even if you’ve built the same part hundreds of times before, no two production runs are ever quite the same. The key to long-term growth is to keep doing what works, and stop doing what doesn’t.

Here’s Why Our Clients Use Central Tube and Bar

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Regardless of what business you’re in, an important part of long-term success is repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. That’s why at Central Tube and Bar, we do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy. Whether you need CNC bending, laser tube cutting services, tube laser processing, sawing/shearing, or part finishing, we’re not satisfied until you are!

How CNC Laser Cutting and Precision Bending Serves Our Clients Well


OEMs, fabricators, and service centers throughout the south-central United States have partnered with Central Tube and Bar for two decades, because they can count on consistency for every part shipped, lightning fast turnaround on all orders, and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for OEM metal fabrication, precision CNC bending, pipe laser cutting, or part finishing services, you can always expect the parts that you need on time, every time.

Our Tube Lasers Offer CTB’s Clients a Rapid Path to Market


OEMs are typically under a lot of pressure to deliver their products on very tight schedules, without sacrificing quality or precision. Every component of the equipment that they ship, including the parts that are manufactured by a third party, has to get the job done, and has to be built to last!

At Central Tube and Bar, we’ve been partnering with OEMs for two decades and counting, and we owe our success to large amounts of repeat and referral business! OEMs keep coming back because they know that we can deliver the tube and bar products that meet their exact specifications, and deliver them exactly when they’re needed!

Your Metal Fabrication Needs – From Engineering to Finishing

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The most successful OEMs will tell you that much of their success has involved forming partnerships with companies that can manufacture and deliver the parts that they need on their schedule, and within their budget. After all, when it comes to CNC fabrication, there’s no such thing as “almost” or “close enough,” and settling for anything less than absolute precision is unacceptable!