At CTB You Can Always Expect Precision Parts at Value Prices

At CTB You Can Always Expect Precision Parts at Value Prices

There’s no doubt about it: most OEMs and service centers operate on the narrowest margins imaginable, and don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of money on anything. Under those conditions, the temptation can be very real to take advantage of cut-rate pricing offered by overseas suppliers in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever received a shipment of parts that had to be retrofitted or scrapped will tell you, there is a big difference between inexpensive and cheap!

If You’re Not Buying Locally, You’re Probably Spending too Much!

If You're Not Buying Locally, You're Probably Spending too Much!

Like a lot of OEM manufacturers, you’ve probably considered outsourcing as an option to provide the manufactured goods your market demands at a price point that will enable you to stay competitive. It’s likely that you’ve had to make some hard decisions and some difficult compromises, and offshoring a portion of your manufacturing may seem like an ideal way to get things running smoothly again.

Here is Why Keeping Your Outsourcing Close to Home Makes Sense


When you need precision stainless steel tube parts processing, finding the right supplier can be challenging; after all, you probably don’t have a CNC machine shop on every corner offering tube laser cutting, value design, and multi radius bending services! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice when it comes to tube cutting, pipe bending or CNC services! When you shop around, you’ll probably discover that there are many overseas companies submitting bids substantially lower than their American counterparts. But the reality is that there’s never a free lunch, and you should always wonder what corners that they’re cutting to offer that low bid.

Learn How CTB Works to Augment Your Lean Manufacturing Strategy


In the late 1970s, manufacturers quickly learned that surviving in the era of increasing competition meant finding ways to improve profitability without raising prices. They knew that they needed to manufacture their products more cheaply, but without sacrificing quality. They decided to take a process-oriented approach to solve the problem, and over time, this approach became known as lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing has become standard operating procedure at thousands of companies, and it’s hard to dispute its success.