Innovation with 3D Printing

Solving problems beyond your supply chain requires innovative thinking and using new technologies to improve quality. We work with our customers to create templates for laser cutting as well as 3D prototypes in house. Our investment in industrial 3D printing technology can help you better adjust for fit, form and function to build a superior product in less time.

Special Shapes & Sizes

Our printer rapidly allows us to produce templates for products of various shapes and sizes. Templates allow us to create quality with higher precision and accuracy for our clients.

Dreaming of a part others haven’t been able to fill? We might be able to help.


See what a product looks like and make small adjustments before placing an order with us thanks to 3D prototyping. It all comes down to form, fit and function to deliver quality parts faster.

Adjustments are easier when you have a prototype in your hand. Let us help you try new things or improve quality with minimal risk.

To learn more about 3D printing, call Central Tube and Bar today to see how we can help.