Commitment to Quality Makes All the Difference


Central Tube and Bar, Inc. is a leading supplier and processor of high quality, prime tube and bar products used by OEMs, fabricators, and service centers in an eight state areas, having built our business serving Central Arkansas, and expanding outward as our customers’ needs have grown.

We started out in 1996 as a tube supplier to Navistar for its Conway bus plant, and today we operate three facilities, in Conway, Tulsa, and Waco. making products found in school buses, military vehicles, medical devices, you name it. If it uses parts that simply cannot fail, we build the parts that won’t fail, and they don’t.

To ensure zero defect quality, CTB has developed systems for training, production and inspection, and we use the highest precision CNC machinery to manufacture close-tolerance parts that must fit together and function for many hundreds of hours without failing.

That level of quality doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by creation of a culture that places a premium on excellence. We take the highest grade materials put together with state-of-the-art machine tools, and put all of that in the hands of the best, most capable people in the industry.

Then we turn them loose to do what they do best and we get out of their way.

We also believe in recognizing and rewarding excellence in ways that are meaningful to our employees, because we know their success makes our customers successful, which makes CTB successful also.

We work with our customers to understand how the parts we make fit into an overall structure, then we seek out ways to make our products better, faster, and more cost effective, and we help them manage their inventory to achieve Just-In-Time delivery schedules that keep parts flowing to the manufacturing floor as they are needed instead of piling up in warehouses to sit until they are needed.

That’s been our winning formula since 1996, with our efforts recognized by our customer/partners by involving us in new product programs or with sister divisions we’ve not previously worked with, because they are that confident of our commitment to quality.

Call Central Bar and Tube today and learn the difference quality commitment makes.