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Looking for Precision, Consistency, and Value? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

If you’re an OEM or service center, your success depends heavily on partnering with suppliers who can fabricate all the precision metal parts that you need to your specifications, on your schedule, and at a price that meets your budget. You’re going to be placing many orders over the years as your company grows, and you need your order to be right, and you need it on time, every time!

A Quick Look at the Hidden costs of off-shoring

To stay competitive, American manufacturers have had to get lean and mean in their processes. Many OEM companies found it necessary to outsource many of their smaller, more labor intensive processes in an effort to cut their costs and stay viable. And quite a few resorted to “offshoring,” using foreign companies in Central America or Asia, taking advantage of cheap labor and less stringent worker protection regulations.

Our Automated Machinery Saves Our Time, and Saves Your Money!

Many years ago, OEM companies in the U.S. began moving manufacturing operations offshore in an effort to save money. For many, this worked on a short-term basis, but when they began to encounter some of the problems inherent in offshore outsourcing, including shipping delays, high scrap rates, and retooling designs, many OEMs began asking themselves if there might be a better way.

3 Important Reasons to use a Local Parts Supplier

Most OEM manufacturers run lean operations in order to stay competitive. That means keeping the manufacturing lines running, keeping small parts costs down, and not tying up a lot of capital in excess inventory. With a lean manufacturing operation, defective parts and delayed shipping schedules are simply unacceptable. When OEMs went to outsourcing as a way of keeping their costs down, many of them quickly learned that offshoring inefficiencies can drive those costs up well beyond the initial per piece cost offering.

At CTB, You’re More than Just Another Customer!

OEMs and service centers are all a little bit different in terms of their path to market, the types of custom parts that they need to fulfill their orders, and their volume of business. But no matter who they are, their success depends on partnering with suppliers that will ship them the parts that they need, when they need them, and at a price that they can afford!

At CTB You Can Always Expect Precision Parts at Value Prices

At CTB You Can Always Expect Precision Parts at Value Prices

There’s no doubt about it: most OEMs and service centers operate on the narrowest margins imaginable, and don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of money on anything. Under those conditions, the temptation can be very real to take advantage of cut-rate pricing offered by overseas suppliers in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever received a shipment of parts that had to be retrofitted or scrapped will tell you, there is a big difference between inexpensive and cheap!