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Innovation with 3D Printing

Solving problems beyond your supply chain requires innovative thinking and using new technologies to improve quality. We work with our customers to create templates for laser cutting as well as 3D prototypes in house. Our investment in industrial 3D printing technology can help you better adjust for fit, form and function to build a superior product in less time.

Central Tube and Bar Announces Conway Facility Expansion

Central Tube and Bar Expands Conway Location

CONWAY, Ark., November 27, 2018 – Central Tube and Bar has expanded their Conway facilities to include a new 72,000-square-foot facility in addition to their existing corporate headquarters and fabrication facility on Middle Road. As part of the new expansion, Central Tube and Bar has also added a new BLM LT7 tube laser, the company’s 7th laser.

Central Tube and Bar receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO certification at Central Tube and Bar

Central Tube and Bar is pleased to have earned a prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, underlining the company’s commitment to high quality tube and bar products and innovative technologies. Previously certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standards, Central Tube and Bar underwent an extensive audit by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. to meet the updated 2015 ISO certification standards that now include more customer and industry focused requirements.

Thinking of implementing a lean manufacturing operation? We’re here to help!

man looking at a laser machine

Most OEMs and service centers understand the pressure to increase both productivity and growth to stay competitive. If your operation is too bulky and your profit margins are too tight, your business will suffer. That’s why an increasing number of manufacturers are looking to lean manufacturing as a means of doing more with less.

Thinking of ordering parts from an offshore manufacturer? It may cost you more than you think!

end parts of tube and bar

Most OEMs and service centers operate with razor thin profit margins to stay competitive, and the only choices that they have to increase their profits are to raise their prices, and potentially alienate their customers, or lower their manufacturing costs. The temptation is very real to take a chance on an overseas manufacturer when it comes to their part orders, but as anyone who has ever dealt with an offshore supplier will tell you, their small savings are often accompanied with large inconveniences.

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