3 Important Reasons to use a Local Parts Supplier

Most OEM manufacturers run lean operations in order to stay competitive. That means keeping the manufacturing lines running, keeping small parts costs down, and not tying up a lot of capital in excess inventory. With a lean manufacturing operation, defective parts and delayed shipping schedules are simply unacceptable. When OEMs went to outsourcing as a way of keeping their costs down, many of them quickly learned that offshoring inefficiencies can drive those costs up well beyond the initial per piece cost offering.

But OEMs no longer have to choose between inefficiencies inherent in offshoring and the expense of labor intensive (meaning expensive) domestic parts production. Because at Central Tube and Bar, we’ve met the challenge of keeping small precision parts costs down without sacrificing quality. We’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art precision stainless steel tube parts processing equipment, tube laser cutting and tube cutting machinery that can do in one step what used to take as many as a half-dozen separate operations.

The return on that investment is the ability to precision manufacture the same volume of small parts in a day that used to require a week or more. And we can do it with zero defect quality. Offshore manufacturing scrap rates that can hit as high as 20 percent make those cheap parts more expensive, and that’s just one way we outperform offshore vendors.

Here are three great reasons to bring your small parts manufacturing back home:

1.Quality–Zero defect quality isn’t an idle boast. It’s what our clients demand and what we deliver with every order

2.Rapid Response–If you need 10,000 bent tube steering assemblies precision cut for immediate fit next Monday, you’re out of luck if your vendor is 5,000 miles away. And if a load of parts arrive that don’t quite fit, your only choice is to make them fit, no matter how long it takes. With CTB as your vendor, your parts will be off our truck and on your floor when your assembler needs them, and every single one will fit as intended. And in the rare instance a problem ever does arise, we don’t offer excuses. We fix it.

3.Value Design–Because we’re close to our clients, we’re able to know our clients and their products. If we can incorporate design improvements to lower your cost, make your parts perform better, or make them faster and easier to install, we’ll let you know. And you won’t pay extra either, what’s good for our clients is good for us.

For the highest quality small parts manufacturing at competitive rates, you owe it to yourself to shop local. For more information, or to place an order, Call CTB at (501) 450-7750 or contact us online.