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Case Studies

Thinking of ordering parts from an offshore manufacturer? It may cost you more than you think!

Most OEMs and service centers operate with razor thin profit margins to stay competitive, and the only choices that they have to increase their profits are to raise their prices, and potentially alienate their customers, or lower their manufacturing costs. The temptation is very real to take a chance on an overseas manufacturer when it comes to their part orders, but as anyone who has ever dealt with an offshore supplier will tell you, their small savings are often accompanied with large inconveniences.

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At CTB, we’re more than a parts supplier: We’re a partner!

Have you ever felt lonely? There’s nothing like having a great idea and the right combination of drive and resources to turn it into an honest-to-goodness business. But one of the drawbacks of success is that if your great idea is unique enough, you don’t have a lot of peers that you can turn to for advice or words of encouragement.

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Need to order parts on a tight budget? We’ve got you covered!

Manufacturing has changed tremendously in America over the past 50 years. The days of huge factories with equally huge workforces are long gone, and today it’s all about doing more with less, and working with increasingly tight manufacturing budgets. Many American companies have resorted to outsourcing to cut costs on manufactured goods.

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We offer industry-leading craftsmanship at bargain prices. Call us for a free quote!

If you’ve been ordering your materials from offshore suppliers to cut the costs of producing OEM components, you’ve likely discovered that your savings come at a price. High scrap rates, malformed parts, and communication difficulties are just part of the struggles that you could experience.

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