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Supplying Premium Tubing & Bar Products

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Case Studies

Zero Scrap Rates on Precision Parts Don’t Happen by Accident!


If you’re an OEM ordering precision metal parts, you owe it to yourself to insist that every part is manufactured to your specifications, and delivered on your schedule. Any time that you have to discard or return defective parts, it can lead to expensive and time-consuming delays.

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At CTB You Can Have it all-Precision AND Cost Efficiency

At CTB You Can Have it all-Precision AND Cost Efficiency

Like most OEMs, you owe it to your clients to insist on zero-defect precision on every part that you order, and you also owe it to your bottom line to find ways to manage costs. Is it possible to do both? Absolutely! You just have to find the right supplier!

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Learn How CTB Works to Augment Your Lean Manufacturing Strategy


In the late 1970s, manufacturers quickly learned that surviving in the era of increasing competition meant finding ways to improve profitability without raising prices. They knew that they needed to manufacture their products more cheaply, but without sacrificing quality. They decided to take a process-oriented approach to solve the problem, and over time, this approach became known as lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing has become standard operating procedure at thousands of companies, and it’s hard to dispute its success.

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