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Laser Cutting


Speed, Precision, Versatility. Our CNC Tube Lasers offer unrivaled productivity:
3D cutting, beveling/chamfering and etching with pinpoint accuracy on a wide variety of tube shapes, sizes and materials. Their easy setup and speed allow us to quickly turn around prototypes or make long production runs in record time. Their versatility means a series of steps that used to require 2 or 3 machines – or manual operations – can be performed reliably and repeatably on a single machine.

3D Tube Lasers


  • BLM Adidge LT5 (Fiber)
  • BLM Adidge LT712 (C02)
  • BLM Adidge LT8 (C02)
  • Mazak Fabrigear 300 (C02)
  • Mazak Fabrigear 400 (C02)


  • Round: .50″ to 16″
  • Square: .50″ to 11.5″
  • Rectangle: ~ to 11″ square equivalent

Wall Thickness:

  • Carbon Steel: to .875″
  • Stainless: to .250″
  • Aluminum: to .1875″

Other Shapes:

  • Angle, Channel, I-Beam, Flat, Oval, Ellipse, and Extrusions


  • 3 & 6 Axis Cutting
  • Twist and Center Control
  • In-line Tapping to .50″
  • Weld Seam Orientation
  • Tab and Slot Features
  • Notch and Fold Features with Radius
  • Import .x_t, .iges, .step, .dwg, and .dxf Files

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CTB Flat Laser Capability

We also operate a Mitsubishi ML3015ex 4000 watt flat table laser to complement our tube laser capability. This allows us to offer precision sheet metal parts that will be joined to our tube fabrications to produce finished assemblies. That helps us be the 'one stop shop' our customers are looking for to achieve lean manufacturing.