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Lean Manufacturing Programs. Many of our customers look to us for more than defect-free precision parts. They look to us to be a partner in their efforts to achieve lean manufacturing. And we respond with Just-In-Time delivery programs, tailored to their needs.

These include electronic KANBAN ‘pull programs’ that have significantly reduced the stock of parts a customer carries while, at the same time, avoiding stockouts. When the customer’s inventory reaches the replenish point, we receive an alert and load our trucks for same-day delivery of inventory we hold for that customer. The alert will also prompt our Steel Manager III MRP system to order more raw stock and schedule our production of the parts, if needed.

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The 8 Enemies of Lean

We work with customers to overcome the 8 enemies of Lean Manufacturing:

  • Excess Inventory.
  • Waiting on Parts
  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Transportation Time
  • Non-Value Added Processes
  • Underutilizing Manpower
  • Excessive Movement of Materials