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Value Engineering and Rapid Prototyping. At Central Tube and Bar, we do not perform design engineering per se. What we do (particularly well) is evaluate your part and product designs for manufacturability. This typically involves suggestions for:

  • Modifications to simplify/eliminate processing steps and reduce cost
  • New features to simplify/eliminate downstream processing or assembly steps
  • Alternate materials that may be less costly or perform better

When design options are agreed upon, we can rapidly produce prototypes, either for functional testing or to see how they will work in your assembly process. We can often do this in just a few hours, thanks to the flexibility of our tube lasers and benders.

Reverse Engineering. Say you want to quote supplying a part you’ve never made or bought before. If you have a sample, we can completely profile it in 3D using our Faro Coordinate Measuring Machine. From that we can produce accurate drawings of the part, along with a quote for its manufacture.

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Slots, Tabs Simplify Setup

To help Assembled Products Company simplify assembly, we added tabs to a fabricated tube and added mating slots to a companion tube to which it is welded. The tabs lock into the slots and reliably hold the two tubes together for welding, eliminating the need to clamp them together. That's just one of the suggestions that created significant savings.