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CNC Bending


Bending Art Into Science. Our Tube Benders provide reliable, repeatable multi-axis precision bending of oval, rectangular and extruded shapes from a 0.250″ aluminum tube to a 1.5″ solid steel bar. With advanced features like weld seam and etch mark detection for perfect part orientation, we can take the guesswork out of setup and produce intricate, multi-bend geometries faster.

Tube and Bar Benders


  • BLM Adidge E-Turn 40
  • Horn 50TNCB
  • Ercolina Rotary Draw


  • Round: .250″ to 2″
  • Square: .250″ to 2″
  • Rectangle: .250″ to 1.5″ square

Wall Thickness:

  • Up to .50″

Other Shapes:

  • Oval, Rectangle, and Extrusions


  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum


  • Up to 6 Axis Bending
  • Left and Right Hand Bending
  • Max Bending Up to 190 degrees
  • Full Mandrel Bending
  • Push or Roll Bending
  • Weld Seam and Detection for Precise Part Orientation
  • Max Centerline Bend Radius Up to 18″

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Tube Finishing

We offer more than deburring, end chamfering or flaring. How about complex end forming, drilling and tapping and even joining our precision tube products into assemblies ready for welding or painting. We even handle the welding and painting if you need complete, QC-approved assemblies for installation directly into your product.